KR Guide to Vegan Cheese in New Zealand (& Beyond)

Image via Ffffound   2014 UPDATE 2: Miyoko Schinner, of Artisan Vegan Cheese fame, has opened a commercial nut cheese making facility, to enable her to make her game-changing cheeses available for purchase. Miyoko’s Kitchen delivers throughout the USA. Needless to say, I am well jealous of anyone with an American post code right now….

My 10 Favourites from the Post Punk Kitchen 100

Labyrinth. Always appropriate. Via Trilladamclark @ Tumblr   I love Post Punk Kitchen’s annual list of ass-kicking vegan inspiration, the PPK 100, it is totally fuel for my culinary fire. Being a vegan-prone eater in a country like New Zealand is funny sometimes, because dairy is like a religion here; not eating cheese is sacrilegious….