Summer Salad with Maple-Soy Lemon Dressing

Tis the season for salads spiked with summer fruit.


The Whatever Vegan Pita with Tropical Citrus Tofu

Art via Ffffound |   This Pita is a meal in your hands and is so easy to prepare. The Tropical Citrus Tofu – my 8th marinade experiment and the 4th that has been a worthy of publishing on Kitchen Rebellion; gotta keep at it! – bakes up super tangy-flavourful and is a perfect filing…

5 Minute Maple Cider Green Salad

By Lola Dupre   This salad was our yummy-green-leaves-thing tonight, and it rocked hard. I served it on the side of a winning Lentil-Stuffed Roasted Red Capsicum and Whatever Pasta & Thick Garlic-Tomato Sauce combo. The vinaigrette is bold and tangy with a hint of sweetness. It might just be my favourite salad dressing creation…