Why I Love Vegan Food

Hi! I’m Lissa, creator & writer of Kitchen Rebellion, a space to explore vegan cooking and get motivated to get your hustle on in the kitchen. My mission at KR is to bring you delicious, ass-kicking vegan food, cooking tips and advice, wrapped up in a creative bow and delivered with love and attitude.

Eating healthy was a long time coming for me. I had been a lazy vegetarian since the age of 16: heavy on dairy and processed stuff, pretty low on fresh fruits and vegetables. I never bothered to learn how to really cook. Gigs to go to, outfits to style, wigs to wear, worlds to absorb. Food didn’t seem that important and “you are what you eat” was just a throwaway mantra for dieters.

A little over a decade later in 2010, fate threw down: two abdominal surgeries and running a long gauntlet of medical specialists afterwards, I started getting serious about changing my culinary ways – at that point my eating style basically involved cheese worship, Cuba St cafes and cobbling together a pasta variation at home a few times a week – I wanted to see if paying more attention to my food would work magic for my less than stellar health.

Armed with the knowledge that an Everest-size pile of evidence is pointing toward a plant-based diet being the most powerfully healthy way of eating, I dove deeper into my kitchen, learned a whole bunch of new tricks and figured out how to rock a plant-based diet in the easiest, most delicious, belly-satisfying way possible.

After a few weeks of kitchen boot camp, I started to feel much more energised and clear headed. Over the next six months, some other unexpected things also happened: I stopped getting regular colds in Wellington’s chilly weather, winter viruses didn’t destroy me while everyone else was dropping like flies, the annoying dermatitis I had since I was a pre-teen disappeared.

Now that I know how my body feels being powered by a whole lotta wholefoods, I wonder how I ever fueled myself any differently. It is a superpowered, awesomely satisfying, fun way of eating that will:

♥ boost your energy
♥ clear your head
♥ help cure what ails ya

Cooking fresh everyday, will get you feeling great fast. If you have any specific questions, recipe requests or need a one-on-one hand getting on track, tell me what you need:



A few good places to start:
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9 thoughts on “Why I Love Vegan Food

  1. This was definitely me a few months ago living off pasta dishes and cheese. I haven’t changed much since then but I’ve still noticed a difference. My skin is so much better now. This gives me so much hope, I hope to make all these changes. The links are really helpful thanks!


  2. Keep up the good work. It’s inspirational. Too many go through severe medical issues before re-evaluating their diets. Funny you mentioned boot camp, since Dr. Montgomery in Houston runs nutritional boot camps with plant-based diets.


  3. I agree with your health aspects of vegan diets. I still eat a piece of meat periodically, but the movie Veducated helped me see much in the way of reducing my meat consumption. Meat used to be a way of life, now it is a treat and it has to be organic free range or wild. Vegetable, legume, nut, seed, and fruit based diets do wonders for weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Thank you for visiting my blog Lissa.


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