What I Learned When I Reclaimed My Kitchen & Started Cooking Vegan

His Holy Noodleyness and Raptor Jesus, via Ffffound


  • First of all, all of that stuff They tell you about it being so, so hard to eat vegan and get all the nutrients you need is complete bullshit. You’ve just gotta entrench some new shopping habits and kitchen traditions and make some different choices, that’s all. It’s about learning, embracing change and giving received wisdom the middle finger.
  • Not only is vegan cooking easy as hell, it is also pretty much all killer no filler. Go wholefoods-style and every ingredient you add is going to be beneficial to your body and your life. That’s a pretty powerful thing to be doing for yourself. There are so many amazing, well-written vegan cookbooks out there. Wellington Central library has a pretty awesome selection right now; damn I love that place. Your local library might be a goldmine too, check it out. As always, the internet also rules.
  • There is mountains of evidence suggesting that a meat & dairy free wholefoods diet is one of the most simple, profoundly effective moves you can make to live a long and healthy life. A lot of people refuse to believe this, because it challenges basically all received wisdom we have about food and also runs completely counter to our pills-will-fix-it culture. We have evolved a meat ‘n dairy based eating culture and people will (literally) defend to the last breath their right to die in bloated, medicated ignorance. You do not want to be one of  those people.
  • Vegan food does not have to be hippie-flavoured. Oh man, the meals I eat at home now are so much more exciting, delicious and creative than anything I ever made before, including the nine years I was vegetarian!  Removing dairy from my diet at home forced me to make friends with my kitchen for real. You will become your own badass personal chef out of necessity. Unless, that is, you are lucky enough to be living in a city with a lot of of vegan eating-out options, in which case, well-played, baby but I think you should chef it up anyway because home cooking is soulfire.
  • You have to become a reader of food labels. Once you start paying attention to the content, not the packaging, revelations will be had. You’ll never look at supermarkets in quite the same way.
After two or so years of progressively more conscious eating, and having experienced first-hand the healing power of a plant-based wholefoods approach to cooking, I have become passionate about alternative nutrition. Rebelling in the kitchen works. Not just for me, but for anyone who decides that they want control of their health. It is empowering, inspiring stuff!



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